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New ETF entries … International TIPS funds

IShares this month launched two new international bond funds with inflation protection: IShares Global Inflation-Linked Bond Fund (GTIP) and iShares International Inflation-Linked Bond Fund (ITIP). Both funds track indexes of government-issued bonds; the main difference is that GTIP includes U.S. … Continue reading

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10-year TIPS auctions at 0.887%

Thursday’s auction of 10-year Treasury Inflation Protected Securites was greeted with tepid demand — the resulting yield was 0.887 percent, higher than the rate that looked likely a week ago. Inflation fears have diminished in the last few days, because … Continue reading

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S&P launches new index tracking TIPS

From the announcement press release: The S&P/BGCantor U.S. Treasury Inflation Protected Security Index is a broad, comprehensive, market value-weighted index that seeks to measure the performance of the U.S. Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS) market. You can track the index here, … Continue reading

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Why I am exiting Fidelity Inflation Protect Bond (FINPX)

I bought into FINPX on Dec. 8, 2008, when the price per share was $10.25. I am selling today when the price is $12.16. This is a tax-free account. That is a capital gain of 18.6% over three years, above … Continue reading

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Treasury Inflation Protected Securities get trashed (again)

Brett Arends of wrote an ROI column this week sharply criticizing TIPS and the ‘suckers’ who buy them. Great headline: ‘Holding TIPS will make you poorer.’ Would you buy an investment that was absolutely guaranteed to lose money? No … Continue reading

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TIPS vs. I Bonds: Best move for small investor?

I Savings Bonds used to be a great investment, especially during the stock market bubble of the late 1990s, when they were paying 3.6% interest, plus the inflation rate. And back then, you could buy $60,000 of them a year … Continue reading

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Next TIPS auction: 10-year on May 19, 2011

Although we don’t yet have full details, we know the Treasury will announce on Thursday, May 12, 2011, an auction of a 10-year Treasury Inflation-Protected Security. The auction date will be May 19 and the settlement date May 31. The … Continue reading

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Inflated yield on TIPS mutual funds?

Jason Zweig makes an excellent observations in his April 30 Intelligent Investor column in the Wall Street Journal: Don’t trust the yield quotes you see for some (not all) TIPS mutual funds. Among the 173 TIPS mutual funds tracked by … Continue reading

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