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Reissue of 10-year TIPS auctions at 0.078%

The U.S. Treasury just announced the result of today’s $11 billion auction, a reissue of CUSIP 912828QV5. It auctioned with a base-rate yield to maturity of 0.078%, which is a record low for any 9- or 10-year TIPS auction. The … Continue reading

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Yes or no on 10-year TIPS auction on Sept. 22?

The U.S. Treasury is offering a reissue of CUSIP 912828QV5, which originally auctioned on July 21, 2011, with a yield to maturity of 0.639%. This TIPS has a coupon rate of  0.625% and will mature on July 15, 2021. The auction will close … Continue reading

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