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Bernanke: ‘It is arguable that the interest rates are too high’

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke laid out his argument for super-low interest rates today in an appearance before the House Financial Services Committee. His opening statement included this (insert adjective here) statement on U.S. interest rates: “It is arguable that … Continue reading

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Bill Gross has one word of investment advice: Defense

Bill Gross, founder and managing director and of the PIMCO investment firm, is known for laying it all out in his opinion pieces on the PIMCO site. And his March 2012 treatise doesn’t disappoint. Although many investors seem to dislike … Continue reading

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How risky are TIPS mutual funds and ETFs?

September 2016 update: Investors should know: TIPS ETFs and mutual funds are riskier than you think Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities are a super-safe and super-conservative investment, right? That’s true if you buy and hold TIPS to maturity. I think it’s OK to … Continue reading

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Consumer inflation in January: A modest 0.2%

Here is a summary of the Associated Press report: Consumer prices rose modestly in January on higher costs for food, gas, rent and clothing. But economists downplayed the increase, saying inflation will likely ease in the coming months as prices … Continue reading

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30-year TIPS auctions at 0.770%

The Treasury has posted the results of today’s auction of a new 30-year Treasury Inflation-Protected Security, with the auction generating a yield to maturity of 0.770%. This is CUSIP 912810QV3 and it will have a coupon rate of 0.750%, meaning … Continue reading

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