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The TIPS earthquake: When did it happen, and why?

When I started writing this TIPSwatch blog two years ago, I figured I was carving out a boring, staid corner of the investment world, a place where I could share ideas and learn from others. But excitement? Never. Not with … Continue reading

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New I Bond interest rate coming May 1, 2013: 1.18%

I Bonds,  a U.S. Savings Bond you can buy and hold at, are currently paying a base rate of 0.0% and an inflation-adjustment rate of 1.76%, but that rate only applies to bonds purchased by April 30. On May … Continue reading

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TIPS, the suddenly hot topic

Yesterday’s weak auction of a 5-year Treasury Inflation Protected Security, along with last week’s deflationary inflation report, is putting TIPS into the news this week, sometimes in a very negative light. Well, at least it’s nice to see TIPS getting … Continue reading

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5-year TIPS auctions at -1.311%, breaking a string of record lows

A new 5-year Treasury Inflation Protected Security auctioned today with a coupon rate of 0.125% and a yield to maturity of -1.311%, plus inflation. The resulting yield for CUSIP 912828UX6 was  higher than expected, indicating weak demand. Experts had been … Continue reading

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Should TIPS holders root for higher inflation?

Interesting article today in the Wall Street Journal, with the enticing headline: ‘TIPS Investors Rush for Exit.’ Here’s the premise: A surprise drop in gasoline prices has jolted a corner of the bond market, easing investors’ inflation fears and triggering … Continue reading

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