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TIPS settle down after days of panic selling

The market for Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities rebounded nicely last week after several days of panic selling in the wake of Federal Reserve Chairman’s Ben Bernanke’s comments on ‘tapering’ of the Fed’s bond-buying stimulus program. The TIP ETF rose 2.8% on … Continue reading

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Recapping where we are today with TIPS, and a strategy change

After about six weeks of turmoil in the markets for Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities, we have seen yields on TIPS rise dramatically and a resulting free-fall in market prices on TIPS and and TIPS mutual funds. A recap: The 5-year TIPS … Continue reading

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30-year TIPS reissue auctions at a lofty 1.42%

The U.S. Treasury just announced that its 29-year, 8-month reissue of a Treasury Inflation-Protected Security auctioned with a yield of 1.42%, capping a spectacular run-up in yield in recent days. Read the announcement. This TIPS, CUSIP 912810RA8, was trading at … Continue reading

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Fed Chairman Bernanke’s ‘taper talk’ roils markets

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke today told the world what we already knew: The U.S. economy is gradually improving, and if this improvement continues, the Fed will begin tapering off its bond-buying stimulus program, possibly this year. Bernanke set this … Continue reading

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U.S. inflation rises a meek 0.1% in May

U.S. inflation continued at a mild pace in May, rising just 0.1% on a seasonally adjusted basis and creating a ‘headline’ inflation rate of 1.4% over the last 12 months. Here’s the summary report. The non-seasonally adjusted number was 0.2%, … Continue reading

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