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Savings Bond holders: Your I Bond interest rate could drop to 0.0% on May 1

May 1 update: Treasury drops I Bond fixed rate to 0.1% We are supposed to be in a year of rising interest rates, but so far that hasn’t been true. And holders of I Savings Bonds could be in for … Continue reading

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Recapping the week: 30-year TIPS, mild inflation

I was on vacation last week in sunny Florida and had limited Internet access. But I wasn’t totally out of touch: I had satellite radio on my cheapo Hyundai rental car, and could listen to CNBC and Bloomberg Radio. So … Continue reading

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30-year TIPS auctions at 1.495%

I am away from a computer today, and in fact don’t have Internet access. (It’s called vacation!) Sorry I can’t post a full analysis until Sunday. Inflation report was also mild today, more on that to come.

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Next up: 30-year TIPS will auction Feb. 20, 2104

The U.S. Treasury formally announced yesterday that it will auction a new-issue 30-year Treasury Inflation-Protected Security on Feb. 20. This is CUSIP 912810RF7, and the coupon rate and yield to maturity will be determined at auction. Here’s the fact sheet. … Continue reading

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myRA accounts: Training wheels on the road to retirement?

The Treasury has unveiled detailsĀ  of of the new myRA retirement savings plan announced by President Obama in his State of the Union address on Jan. 28. The accounts, which Treasury calls ‘a simple, safe and affordable way to start … Continue reading

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