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Another milestone: The yield advantage for EE Savings Bonds has disappeared

By David Enna, I’ve been pondering recently whether the Treasury will raise the I Bond’s fixed rate above 0.0% at the November 1 reset, and one side of my brain says, “Well, it should” while the other side says, … Continue reading

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U.S. inflation rose 0.1% in August: What it means for TIPS, I Bonds and Social Security COLA

This report is going to roil financial markets. By David Enna, Surprises, surprises. Financial markets, which had been rallying over the last week on expectations of falling prices, got an inflation reality check today: Seasonally adjusted U.S. inflation rose … Continue reading

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Let’s ‘try’ to clarify how an I Bond’s interest is calculated

You didn’t expect this to be simple, did you? Author’s note: This article ended up being “crowdsourced” through helpful (and accurate) criticism in the comments section. The Excel formulae have been edited to reflect these better techniques. Read the comments … Continue reading

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Don’t go ballistic over the way TreasuryDirect reports I Bond interest

Confusing? Aggravating? Of course, but also correct. By David Enna, I’ve had several communications recently from readers who are new to U.S. Series I Savings Bonds and freaking out by the apparently low interest payments reported so far on … Continue reading

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Ready to convert paper I Bonds into electronic form? Here’s a step-by-step guide.

Hint: It’s a bit complicated. What else would you expect? Editor’s note: In October 2021, Wisconsin-based financial adviser Jeremy Keil invited me onto his podcast to talk about I Bonds. He was ahead of the curve on I Bonds, educating … Continue reading

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