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Author of blog, David Enna is a long-time journalist based in Charlotte, N.C. A past winner of two Society of American Business Editors and Writers awards, he has written on real estate and home finance, and was a founding editor of The Charlotte Observer's website.

Another milestone: The yield advantage for EE Savings Bonds has disappeared

By David Enna, I’ve been pondering recently whether the Treasury will raise the I Bond’s fixed rate above 0.0% at the November 1 reset, and one side of my brain says, “Well, it should” while the other side says, … Continue reading

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10-year TIPS reopening auction gets real yield of 1.248%, highest in more than 12 years

Investors benefited from turmoil in the financial markets. By David Enna, In the midst of a highly volatile bond market, the Treasury’s offering of a reopened 10-year TIPS — CUSIP 91282CEZ0 — generated a real to maturity of 1.248%, … Continue reading

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Short-term Treasurys: Even more attractive now.

By David Enna, Back in early July, I wrote an article suggesting a strategy of staggering purchases of short-term Treasurys to boost your gains on cash holdings. I raised this idea because yields on Treasury bills (often called T-bills) … Continue reading

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This week’s 10-year TIPS reopening auction is worth a serious look

Have you given up on longer-term Treasurys? It’s time to get back in the game. By David Enna, You’ll never see me screaming “buy, buy, buy” like CNBC’s resident madman, Jim Cramer, but I do think that sensible, conservative … Continue reading

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The TIP ETF just dipped below $110. Is that a buy signal?

I won’t say ‘yes,’ but TIPS in general look attractive for the first time in several years. By David Enna, For many years, I’ve been tracking the price of the iShares TIP ETF, which holds the full array of … Continue reading

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