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5-year TIPS reopening auction gets a real yield of 0.362%, breaking a string of negative yields

By David Enna, Am I a bit disappointed? Sure, but … I’ll take it: This was the first 4- to 5-year TIPS auction to get a positive real yield since December 2019, breaking a string of nine consecutive auctions of … Continue reading

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Attention investors: TIPS are now a viable, attractive alternative to I Bonds

An earthquake has hit the Treasury market. The result is that TIPS are becoming much more attractive. By David Enna, The investment world — from Suze Orman to your Uncle Bob — has been fascinated by U.S. Series I … Continue reading

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U.S. inflation again storms higher, increasing 1.0% in May and hitting 8.6% year over year

May inflation set another 40-year high. Food, gas and shelter prices were key factors, but prices were up in every category. By David Enna, This is getting a bit dangerous, don’t you think? Seasonally adjusted U.S. inflation increased 1.0% … Continue reading

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Highlights from Eastern Europe: Freedom, history, beauty … and inflation

I’ve been gone three weeks. Did anything happen? By David Enna, Yes, I am now back home after a three-week adventure in Eastern Europe — Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. In all, adding in a recent trip to … Continue reading

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Podcast: ‘Inflation Guy’ explains peak inflation

Are we there yet? Probably. Are our troubles over? No. By David Enna, If you’ve been reading coverage of Wednesday’s April inflation report, you might have noticed two strains of news spin: 1) “Inflation is coming down,” or 2) … Continue reading

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