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TreasuryDirect 1099s: How to find your tax forms, decipher them

And of course, because it’s TreasuryDirect, it’s complicated. By David Enna, If you hold Treasury issues of any kind (except possibly Savings Bonds) at TreasuryDirect, you should be getting a friendly email this week. It will say something like: … Continue reading

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A 10-year TIPS matured Sunday. How did it do as an investment?

Despite a real yield deeply negative to inflation, CUSIP 912828UH1 outperformed a nominal 10-year Treasury. By David Enna, Sometimes what looks like a perfectly awful investment will end up surprising you. That is the case with CUSIP 912828UH1, a … Continue reading

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Barron’s Live: Best Timing for I Bonds I participated Monday in a Barron’s Live 30-minute video podcast, hosted by Marketwatch columnist Beth Pinsker. The topic was strategies for buying Series I Savings Bonds in 2023. In January? In April? In May? Or just go with TIPS? … Continue reading

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I Bonds: A not-so-simple buying guide for 2023

By David Enna, After a year of raging-high demand, where do we stand today on U.S. Series I Savings Bonds? Are they still an appealing asset? Are they a worthy investment for 2023? Is the variable rate likely to … Continue reading

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2022 in review: Scary year for inflation, better year for inflation protection

By David Enna, The year 2022 broke through several economic milestones, and most of them were dreadful: Highest U.S. inflation in 40 years. U.S. stock market down 20%. U.S. bond market down 13%. Federal Reserve aggressively raising interest rates. … Continue reading

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