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Looking to put cash to work? Consider short-term Treasury bills

13- and 26-week Treasury bills are an ideal way to maximize yield on your short-term savings. Here’s how to get started … By David Enna, When you get to be a certain age, cash becomes a lovely thing. Anyone … Continue reading

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Highlights from Eastern Europe: Freedom, history, beauty … and inflation

I’ve been gone three weeks. Did anything happen? By David Enna, Yes, I am now back home after a three-week adventure in Eastern Europe — Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. In all, adding in a recent trip to … Continue reading

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This week’s 5-year TIPS auction will be the most attractive since the pandemic surge

I Bonds remain the preferred inflation-protected investment. But a 5-year TIPS could be an addition to your inflation-fighting arsenal. By David Enna, The U.S. Treasury will offer $20 billion in a new 5-year Treasury Inflation Protected Security at auction … Continue reading

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Here’s why this week’s 5-year TIPS reopening auction makes investment sense

By David Enna, Can anyone make the case that a 5-year Treasury Inflation-Protected Security with a yield lagging inflation by 1.73% and an upfront premium cost of nearly 10% makes sense as an investment? Hey, I can. But that … Continue reading

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T-Mobile Money: A weird (but insured) way to earn 1% on your cash

And here’s the thing: You don’t need to be a T-Mobile customer By David Enna, Back in mid-February, my cellphone carrier T-Mobile sent me an intriguing email about what seemed to be a new service offering: T-Mobile Money, an … Continue reading

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