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‘The debt limit drama heats up,’ says Moody’s Analytics in new report

By David Enna, Here’s an update on my last article, “Looming debt crisis is already roiling Treasury bill market,” which discussed the disruptions rippling through the bond market as the U.S. nears a debt-limit crisis. Moody’s Analytics, a market … Continue reading

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Thoughts on this week’s 5-year TIPS auction: It’s complicated

By David Enna, The U.S. Treasury on Thursday will auction $21 billion of a new 5-year Treasury Inflation-Protected Security, CUSIP 91282CGW5. The coupon rate and real yield to maturity will be set by the auction results. For months, I … Continue reading

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I Bond dilemma: Buy in April, buy in May, or don’t buy at all?

The I Bond’s fixed rate could rise to 0.6% or higher on May 1. Should you wait? Or look at alternatives? By David Enna, Update, April 28, 2023: Treasury raises I Bond’s fixed rate to 0.9%; new composite rate … Continue reading

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After three months of volatility, where do we stand?

TIPS remain attractive. And now bank CDs are worth a serious look. By David Enna, It’s been kind of wild to go from seeing the possibility of TIPS with a real yield of 2% in early March to the … Continue reading

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Here’s a surprise: CD rates are suddenly very attractive

But don’t go to your local mega bank. Look for better deals. By David Enna, For years, CD rates offered by banks and credit unions — even the aggressive online versions — have been stubbornly lower than rates paid … Continue reading

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