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10-year TIPS reopening auction gets real yield of 1.248%, highest in more than 12 years

Investors benefited from turmoil in the financial markets. By David Enna, In the midst of a highly volatile bond market, the Treasury’s offering of a reopened 10-year TIPS — CUSIP 91282CEZ0 — generated a real to maturity of 1.248%, … Continue reading

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This week’s 10-year TIPS reopening auction is worth a serious look

Have you given up on longer-term Treasurys? It’s time to get back in the game. By David Enna, You’ll never see me screaming “buy, buy, buy” like CNBC’s resident madman, Jim Cramer, but I do think that sensible, conservative … Continue reading

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The TIP ETF just dipped below $110. Is that a buy signal?

I won’t say ‘yes,’ but TIPS in general look attractive for the first time in several years. By David Enna, For many years, I’ve been tracking the price of the iShares TIP ETF, which holds the full array of … Continue reading

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U.S. inflation rose 0.1% in August: What it means for TIPS, I Bonds and Social Security COLA

This report is going to roil financial markets. By David Enna, Surprises, surprises. Financial markets, which had been rallying over the last week on expectations of falling prices, got an inflation reality check today: Seasonally adjusted U.S. inflation rose … Continue reading

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What’s up with those crazy real yields on ultra-short-term TIPS?

By David Enna, Just about every month, I get emails or comments from readers pointing out what appears to be extremely attractive real yields on very short-term TIPS — especially those maturing in less than a year. My usual … Continue reading

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