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TreasuryDirect 1099s: How to find your tax forms, decipher them

And of course, because it’s TreasuryDirect, it’s complicated. By David Enna, If you hold Treasury issues of any kind (except possibly Savings Bonds) at TreasuryDirect, you should be getting a friendly email this week. It will say something like: … Continue reading

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New 10-year TIPS auctions with a real yield of 1.22%, to apparently high demand

By David Enna, After a week of declining yields in the Treasury market, a new 10-year TIPS auctioned Thursday with a real yield to maturity of 1.22%, a bit lower than looked likely just before the auction’s close. This … Continue reading

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Let’s do a quick check-in on Thursday’s 10-year TIPS auction

By David Enna, After another day of turmoil in financial markets, real yields slipped lower Wednesday heading into Thursday’s originating auction for CUSIP 91282CGK1, creating a 10-year Treasury Inflation-Protected Security. A lot happened, I guess. I was out of … Continue reading

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A 10-year TIPS matured Sunday. How did it do as an investment?

Despite a real yield deeply negative to inflation, CUSIP 912828UH1 outperformed a nominal 10-year Treasury. By David Enna, Sometimes what looks like a perfectly awful investment will end up surprising you. That is the case with CUSIP 912828UH1, a … Continue reading

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The first 10-year TIPS of the ‘new era’ will auction Thursday. Interested?

By David Enna, It’s almost hard to believe, but this new age of higher interest rates is only about seven months old. A lot has changed in the last year. Back on Jan. 14, 2022, a 10-year Treasury Inflation-Protected … Continue reading

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