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Social Security COLA looks likely to rise about 10% for 2023

Want to understand how the COLA is calculated? It’s complicated. Read on … By David Enna, With the release of the June inflation report on Wednesday, we now have a pretty good idea of where the Social Security cost-of-living … Continue reading

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June inflation hits new highs: 1.3% for the month, 9.1% year over year

Annual inflation is now running at the hottest pace since 1981. By David Enna, Have we hit peak inflation yet? The answer is: we don’t know, because the June inflation report showed inflation surging ever higher, greatly exceeding already … Continue reading

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Medicare Part B’s monthly premium, deductible costs will surge 14.6% for 2022

The typical person on Medicare will pay at least $289 more in 2022, just for Part B coverage, and double that to $578 for a couple. IRMAA surcharges are also increasing 14.5%. By David Enna, Just a month after … Continue reading

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Coming October 13: The most significant inflation report in a decade

September inflation numbers should nail down the Social Security COLA at 5.8%+ and set the I Bond’s inflation adjusted rate at 6.5%+, annualized. By David Enna, Next Wednesday, at 8:30 a.m. EDT, we’re going to get a whopper of … Continue reading

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August inflation: What it means for Social Security COLA, I Bonds and TIPS

U.S. inflation increased 0.3% in August, under the consensus estimate. At this point, the Social Security COLA will increase 5.8% for payments in January, but one month of data remains. The I Bond’s new inflation-adjusted variable rate is on track … Continue reading

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