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January Inflation: What It Means for Your Savings

Do AI innovations signal the end to human journalism? Let’s take a look. And now, for something completely different on a Saturday morning, I asked’s new ChatGPT-powered software to write an article on January inflation, in the style of … Continue reading

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Short-term Treasurys: Is it time to go out a little longer?

Yields could continue to rise, but it may be time to think longer term. By David Enna, In the last week, I got calls from CNBC and Bloomberg reporters asking to talk about the rise in demand for short-term … Continue reading

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I Bonds: Here’s a simple way to track current value

TreasuryDirect’s information often confuses investors. There is another way. By David Enna, Almost every week, I get questions about the way TreasuryDirect shows the current value of I Bonds purchased within the last five years. Here are recent examples: … Continue reading

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30-year TIPS auction gets a real yield of 1.55%, highest in nearly 12 years

By David Enna, A new 30-year Treasury Inflation-Protected Security — CUSIP 912810TP3 — auctioned today with a real yield to maturity of 1.550%, the highest auctioned yield for this term since June 2011. The auction seems to have attracted … Continue reading

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January inflation came in higher than expected, rising 0.5% to an annual rate of 6.4%

Non-seasonally adjusted inflation rose 0.8%, giving a boost to investors in TIPS and I Bonds. By David Enna, The January inflation report, just released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, showed a return to higher-than-expected U.S. price increases, after … Continue reading

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