Is The Flat Yield Curve Distorting The Value Of TIPS Mutual Funds?


  • Real yields are out of balance with historical norms. A 5-year TIPS is yielding only 13 basis points less than a 30-year TIPS.
  • Are we heading toward a recession? Would TIPS mutual funds benefit? Possibly, if the Federal Reserves steps in. Or, would a deflation scare set in?
  • The U.S. Treasury’s sharply increasing need to raise debt should force longer-term yields higher, sending TIPS funds lower.

One indicator I have watched for a long time is a price of $110 on the TIP ETF, which has marked a “buy signal” over the last seven years. Is that still valid?

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TIPS yields

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Author of blog, David Enna is a long-time journalist based in Charlotte, N.C. A past winner of two Society of American Business Editors and Writers awards, he has written on real estate and home finance, and was a founding editor of The Charlotte Observer's website.
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