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Monthly U.S. inflation for 2022 just got revised … a bit

This has no effect on annual inflation or on earnings for TIPS and I Bonds. By David Enna, While I was searching Friday for consensus estimates on the January inflation report, to be released Tuesday, I noticed something odd. … Continue reading

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Is the I Bond’s variable rate heading to zero? Maybe not.

Historical evidence clearly shows non-seasonal inflation lags from October to December, picks up from January to March. By David Enna, The one really big thing I have learned while writing about inflation and inflation protection over the last 12 … Continue reading

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U.S. inflation fell 0.1% in December; a sign of things to come?

Data for three months indicate the I Bond’s variable rate could fall to 0.0%. What does it mean for investors? By David Enna, U.S. inflation transitioned to deflation in December, with the all-items Consumer Price Index for All Urban … Continue reading

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Barron’s Live: Best Timing for I Bonds I participated Monday in a Barron’s Live 30-minute video podcast, hosted by Marketwatch columnist Beth Pinsker. The topic was strategies for buying Series I Savings Bonds in 2023. In January? In April? In May? Or just go with TIPS? … Continue reading

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I Bonds: A not-so-simple buying guide for 2023

By David Enna, After a year of raging-high demand, where do we stand today on U.S. Series I Savings Bonds? Are they still an appealing asset? Are they a worthy investment for 2023? Is the variable rate likely to … Continue reading

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