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U.S. inflation surges 0.9% in June, nearly double expectations

By David Enna, U.S. inflation surged 0.9% in June, much higher than expectations. It was the fifth month in a row that actual inflation far exceeded consensus estimates. My conclusion: Economists really have no idea where inflation is heading. … Continue reading

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Here’s why this week’s 5-year TIPS reopening auction makes investment sense

By David Enna, Can anyone make the case that a 5-year Treasury Inflation-Protected Security with a yield lagging inflation by 1.73% and an upfront premium cost of nearly 10% makes sense as an investment? Hey, I can. But that … Continue reading

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U.S. inflation surges 0.6% in May, again higher than expected

By David Enna, For the third month in a row, U.S. inflation surged to higher-than-expected levels in May, reaching the highest annual level in nearly 13 years, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. The Consumer Price Index for … Continue reading

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As inflation breakeven rate rises, appeal of this new 5-year TIPS dwindles

By David Enna, The U.S. Treasury will offer $18 billion in a new five-year Treasury Inflation-Protected Security at auction on Thursday, April 22. This is CUSIP 91282CCA7, and its coupon rate and real yield to maturity will be set … Continue reading

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I Bond dilemma: Buy in April, buy in May, or wait until later?

By David Enna, The March inflation report, released April 13, is going to create a lot of interest in U.S. Series I Savings Bonds, because the bond’s inflation-adjusted variable rate – for purchases from May to October — will … Continue reading

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