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TreasuryDirect launches its revamped website (sort of)

The outer shell is new, information is easier to find, more clearly presented. And then … same old, same old. By David Enna, If you’ve visited everyone’s favorite financial website — — in the past few days, you … Continue reading

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Opinion: Treasury should raise the I Bond’s fixed rate

But will it? The odds are better now. The data clearly support a higher fixed rate. By David Enna, How the U.S. Treasury sets the fixed rate on the Series I Savings Bond is wrapped in mystery. No one … Continue reading

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Another milestone: The yield advantage for EE Savings Bonds has disappeared

By David Enna, I’ve been pondering recently whether the Treasury will raise the I Bond’s fixed rate above 0.0% at the November 1 reset, and one side of my brain says, “Well, it should” while the other side says, … Continue reading

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Short-term Treasurys: Even more attractive now.

By David Enna, Back in early July, I wrote an article suggesting a strategy of staggering purchases of short-term Treasurys to boost your gains on cash holdings. I raised this idea because yields on Treasury bills (often called T-bills) … Continue reading

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Let’s ‘try’ to clarify how an I Bond’s interest is calculated

You didn’t expect this to be simple, did you? Author’s note: This article ended up being “crowdsourced” through helpful (and accurate) criticism in the comments section. The Excel formulae have been edited to reflect these better techniques. Read the comments … Continue reading

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