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The language of TIPS: It’s complicated.

New investors are baffled by Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities. Can’t blame them. By David Enna, A year ago, while real yields for Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities were still deeply below zero, I worked with a Wall Street Journal reporter on a … Continue reading

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Let’s take a quick look at the pricing of this week’s TIPS auction

Some readers are reporting discrepancies. Any ideas? By David Enna, After I posted my article on Thursday’s reopening auction of CUSIP 91282CFR7, creating a 4-year, 10-month TIPS, several readers reported discrepancies in the pricing being reported by their brokers. … Continue reading

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5-year TIPS reopening gets a real yield of 1.504%, a bit higher than expected

By David Enna, The Treasury’s offering today of $19 billion in a reopening of a 5-year Treasury Inflation-Protected Security generated a real yield to maturity of 1.504%, a good result for investors. This is CUSIP 91282CFR7, and the reopening … Continue reading

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Despite volatility, this week’s 5-year TIPS reopening remains appealing

By David Enna, Opinion: Nominal and real yields for mid- to longer-term Treasurys are lower than they should be. The Federal Reserve is aggressively tightening, sending clear signals it wants interest rates heading higher. But the result is lower … Continue reading

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U.S. inflation rose 0.1% in November, well below expectations

Stock and bond markets are celebrating, with good reason. By David Enna, For the second month in a row, U.S. inflation came in below expectations in November, clearing the way for speculation that the Federal Reserve could soon pivot … Continue reading

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